Ökobau API

Learn How to Work With Ökobau's API

Have you wanted to use the Ökobau API, but found it difficult to get started?

Use Python to Search and Fetch EPDs from Ökobau

Learn how to work and interact with the Ökobau API.

Ökobau is a database containing environmental data on building materials (EPDs) published by the German Ministry of Living, City Development and Building.

Self-Paced and Hands-On

You will be able to follow along in your own pace and try to code the project yourself.

100% Python

The whole course will be written in Python.

Search for EPDs

Use the API to search for EPDs.

Convert EPD Data

Learn how to convert EPDs from the ILCD+EPD format to EPDx

Tangible Outcomes

We build towards a specific set of scripts that you can use after the course.

Code Like a Pro

You will learn programming concepts and workflows.


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Course Access

68€ excl. VAT

  • 2+ hours of content
  • Download Code
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What is Inside?

The course content is organized into the following steps:

1. Getting Set Up
Set up your IDE, install Python and the dependencies.
2. List EPDs on Ökobau
The first step is to get familiar with the Ökobau API and fetching some EPDs.
3. Search for EPDs on Ökobau
Learn how to search for specific EPDs through the API.
4. Get a Single EPD
Fetch the full data set for a single Ökobau EPD.
5. Download Multiple EPDs
Download and save multiple EPDs locally.
6. Convert EPDs to EPDx
Download and convert EPDs from Ökobau to EPDx.
7. Visualize EPDs
Visualize downloaded EPDx EPDs.
8. ECO Platform
Apply everything from this course to also fetch EPDs from ECO Platform.

This is Christian

He is going to teach this course.

Christian Kongsgaard

Hey there, I'm Christian.

I'm an architectural engineer, turned full-stack developer.

I have for the last 6+ years been working with developing software for engineers and architects, both in-house and as a consultant.

I have extensive experience with creating Revit and Grasshopper plugins, building web apps, building physics and LCA.

Ready to Dive into Ökobau?

Unlock the full potential of the API and become a master of EPDs!